Access Bars

About This Treatment

Access Bars is a gentle hands-on modality. The Bars® are 32 unique points on the head that correlate to different areas and aspects of life. During an Access Bars session, the practitioner gently touches these points to release the electromagnetic charge of all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs that may have limited you in the concerned life areas.

What to expect in an access bar session?

Everyone is different so there is no “normal” Access Bars session. Each session will be different, every time, even if you repeat with the same person.

What is most often reported is that there is a sense of complete relaxation. Many people go to sleep, even in a very noisy environment. Some people have images come to them, others feel sensations in their bodies such as buzzing, tingling, warmth, twitches or shivers.

There is no right or wrong way and the best way to find out what Access Bars will be like for you is to try it for yourself!


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