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SB-WomenA non-invasive procedure, natural results… Face Threads offers women a true technological innovation serving rejuvenation.

In a few words

Face Threads is a technological innovation offering men and women what no treatment has ever provided in such a simple way: a redefined face, restored volume and reduced wrinkles by means of a 30-minute treatment at their doctor’s, for a result lasting up to 18 months.


Face Threads comes in the form of bidirectional absorbable thread cones. It is made in the United States and its development is based on six years of experience in suture suspension with cones used in reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery.


Face Threads is the only product on the beauty market enabling two joint actions:

  • A lift effect as soon as Face Threads is applied for an immediate and discreet result!
  • A regenerative effect for progressive and natural results!



A technological innovation serving rejuvenation


When men and women are asked what they consider their two main signs of facial ageing, the answer is invariably loss of skin tone causing sagging of facial contours and the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and creases.


This phenomenon, which worsens with age and the menopause, is due to the loss of collagen, the protein found in all structures of the body, especially the skin, and which ensures the cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of tissue. With age, collagen diminishes and the skin becomes less firm and saggier. The face also loses fats (becoming more skeletal), becoming hollow on the sides, and heaviness accumulates under the chin, and the lower cheeks.


Solutions exist, but choices have to be made: either to restore volume, using targeted injections, or to tighten the skin, by means of more invasive interventions…




FACE THREADS is a unique treatment enabling two combined actions:

  • A discreet and immediate lifting effect : as soon as the suture is applied, the doctor reshapes the treated area by means of a double action: compressing and elevating tissue.
  • A gradual and natural regenerating effect : in being absorbed, the component of the suture, polylactic acid allows to restore shapeliness to the face.




An anti-ageing technique that has proven its worth


The technology of FACE THREADS sutures is based on years of experience in suture suspension with cones used in cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery, and called FACE THREADS.
To date, FACE THREADS sutures are the only suspension sutures to have received approval from the FDA (since 2006).


Marketing began in early 2007. Since then, the specific characteristics of FACE THREADS have demonstrated their suitability for cosmetic surgery, in terms of both safety and effectiveness.


The most respected surgeons in facial plastic surgery have praised their special design and the excellent results obtained not only in centro-facial lifting, but also for the lifting of brows, neck and buttocks.


FACE THREADS is a unique product combining two actions: “lifting and regenerating.”

The FACE THREADS double action


Combatting the effects of ageing above all means restoring smoother and more toned skin, but also a more shapely face. To meet this dual requirement, FACE THREADS combines two effects : lifting and regenerating.


The lifting effect is immediate and discreet as it is the result of compressing and elevating tissue at the time of adjusting the suture. After inserting the suture, the doctor applies slight pressure on the treated area. In this way, the doctor reshapes the surface of the skin and makes it visibly smoother.


The regenerative effect is gradual and natural: polylactic acid (PLA), the principal component of FACE THREADS is a polymer known in the medical field for many years (suture thread, orthopaedic pins, screws and nails for bone fractures are all made from PLA). It is because this polymer is particularly biocompatible with human beings, and also completely biodegradable, that such applications have been developed.Once the suture is applied, the polylactic acid acts on the deeper layers of the skin and helps increase the volume of saggy areas, restoring shapeliness to the face gradually and perfectly naturally.



In what cases is FACE THREADS indicated? FACE THREADS is recommended for men and women of 30 and over who are trying to combat effectively the signs of ageing, who do not want any heavy and invasive treatment, but are looking for real and natural results. FACE THREADS treatment is suitable for all skin types – testing for allergic reactions proved negative in clinical studies. Nevertheless, the use of FACE THREADS is not recommended if you are allergic or sensitive to biomaterials.


If you have severe ptosis or a great deal of excess skin, consult your doctor.



FACE THREADS can be used to treat different parts of the face :

FACIAL CONTOUR 2 OR 3 SUTURES ON EACH SIDE treated-areas1 The facial contour is redefined. The cheeks look fuller. The skin regains its firmness.
LOWER JAW 2 SUTURES ON EACH SIDE treated-areas2 The volume of the cheek is redefined. The facial contour regains a defined shape.
CHEEKS AND CHEEKBONES 2 SUTURES ON EACH SIDE treated-areas3 The cheeks and cheekbones look fuller. The nasolabial fold is diminished.
EYEBROWS 1 SUTURE ON EACH EYEBROW treated-areas4 The outer edge of the eyebrow is raised, the eyes are more open.
NECK 2 OR 3 SUTURES ON EACH SIDE treated-areas5 The skin of the neck regains its tone and looks smoother.

(*) The number of sutures to be applied is given here for guidance only. Depending on the desired result and your doctor’s instructions, some variation may occur.



Why FACE THREADS is safe


  • Several years of use in the USA and Asia: The development of FACE THREADS is based on six years of experience in suture suspension with cones used in reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery in the United States. FACE THREADS has been used since 2010 on the Asian market, where it met with great success.
  • Strict sanitary controls: FACE THREADS is made in Michigan in the USA and is subject to numerous sanitary controls.
  • A natural component, biocompatible and fully absorbable, which has proven its worth in various medical fields: The natural substance of FACE THREADS – polylactic acid ( or PLA ) – has been used for many years in various pharmaceutical and medical applications such as suture thread, orthopaedic pins, screws and nails for bone fractures, etc. It is also used in new biodegradable stent trials.
  • Trained doctors: Application of FACE THREADS must be carried out by a doctor.






What to do before treatment?


No special preparation is required prior to FACE THREADS treatment.


However, we recommend that you discuss your expectations and ask your doctor any questions you have before starting treatment. Inform the doctor of any treatment you have already received and of any medicines you are currently taking.


Application of FACE THREADS must be performed by a doctor who has undergone specific training.




30minute-1Insertion of the suture by means of a fine needle

30minute-2Suture applied under the skin and held in place by the bidirectional cones

30minute-3Compression of the tissue


The 30-minute procedure

Applying FACE THREADS takes around 30 minutes in a doctor’s surgery.
After a small local anaesthetic, the doctor inserts the suture under the skin to a depth of about three to five millimetres. No incision is required, as the suture is inserted using a fine needle. It is held in place with absorbable cones oriented in opposite directions (bidirectional).


Once the suture as been applied, the doctor performs slight compression of the tissue to reshape it by hand and to obtain the desired lifting effect. The non-inserted ends of the suture are cut off. One or more sutures may be applied, depending on the patient and treated area.


FACE THREADS can be used as a single treatment or in combination with fillers and botulinum toxin.



Silhouette-Soft-Marisa-copyAfter treatment : a few recommendations

After FACE THREADS treatment, as with any cosmetic treatment, some slight swelling, redness or bruising may sometimes be observed, but these disappear within days.


There is sometimes a slight wrinkling of the skin (required for optimisation of the treatment) which disappears very quickly.



Recommendations for good post-treatment follow-up :

✓ During the week after treatment, do not undergo any dental surgery, and avoid facial and beauty treatments.
✓ Avoid all contact sports for the first few weeks.
✓ Preferably sleep on your back.
✓ In the event of pain, take a pain reliever according to your doctor’s prescription.

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