Portwine Stain Removal

About This Treatment

We offer the highest standard of Microneedling treatments currently available with dermaroller or dermapen techniques. Different depths are used on different areas of the body.
We make use of the DCD technique: dermal papillary deflation. This will result in a lightening of the portwine stain and can be reduced to a salmon kiss. Once portwine stain is reduced back to a light salmon kiss, it will last up to 10 years. Yearly maintenance can be done to keep reducing the color.
Small areas at a time with medical numbing creams to insure comfort and painless treatment. 3-6 sessions are needed, 6 weeks rest in between. Treatments cost from
R650.00 depending on size of the area treated.
Adequate after care will be provided.

Duration: 60-120 min
Healing down time: 3-5 days
Result development: 6 weeks

6 sessions recommended, 6 weeks rest in between sessions

Body, Face