Tattoo Removal

About This Treatment

We make use of a chemical extraction technique called 123 tattoo free / wash away

We numb the area completely, then we microneedle the specially designed product into the area. The product causes the area to turn into a thick scab, that will pull out the undesired tattoo. A scab will remain 10 days and detach when the body is ready. Once the scab detaches, a very red/pink skin will be evident, the redness is “new” tissue and that is growing. Do not be alarmed by this as it will completely turn into normal color within 6 months. 1-3 sessions are needed depending on the depth of tattoo. 6 weeks rest in between sessions.
The age of tattoo is of no concern as the product will draw out all colors and age pigments.


If any scarring results from the removal, we can offer scar removal on the area to repair skin.

Incorrect permanent make up done by other companies can be completely removed and redone with our technique.

Adequate after care will be provided by your specialist.


Duration: 60-90min
Healing down time: 5-12 days
Result development: 6 weeks


3 sessions are recommended, 6 weeks rest in between sessions.

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Tattoo removal