About This Treatment

Our paramedical procedures are done differently to all other techniques offered. We apply medically approved, EU and FDA registered pigments with a painless, short microneedling needling technique in the papillary layer of the skin. Our results last 7-10 years after one application. The tissue and skin heals in a healthier condition due to our microneedling technique. (All other techniques cause scarring and damage to the skin). A color refresher is recommended after 5 years to keep and maintain perfect vibrancy. We have 150 skin colors to select from. Colors can be changed at any time if a lighter or darker shade is desired. Removals are also possible  on our medical pigments.


We recommend a spot test prior to starting to match the skin color. Due to the enzymes in skin that are attacking our own melanin, the same will happen to our organic pigments, however after 4 sessions of application, the pigments will start taking and cover the vitiligo area. Only small areas are recommended at a time.


Duration: 60-90 min

Healing down time: 3 days

Color development: 6weeks

Body, Face