At Anti-Aging Art, we believe that true wellness requires attention at many levels and that patients must be cared for in a holistic way to achieve this.

To meet this requirement, Anti-Aging Art have teamed up with the Physiotherapists of Roxanne Ashkar Physiotherapy, who work onsite together with the Medical Staff at the ‘St James’ rooms in Houghton.

Physiotherapists are trained in posture re-education, trigger point therapy, injury prevention and rehabilitation, biomechanical assessments, dry needling, exercise prescription, treatment of headaches, TMJ dysfunction and post-operative care.

Our Physiotherapists work closely with the medical staff from Anti-Aging Art, Dr Reza Mia & Dr Elfrieda Fourie, to provide combination therapies, which will benefit patients of both practices.


To book an appointment contact us at +2711 483 0881/